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You Chose Adam!

Your V-Day Gift is a stress ball shaped like an anatomically correct heart. You have a lot of feelings! A great way to work them out is by squeezing your new stress ball that enhances the fantasy of destroying all of humanity.

You Chose WhitBot!

Your gift is: hot sauce! Chocolates would be too basic. Cyleigh would be too basic. You prefer pain and suffering. Enjoy!

You Chose Camdace!

Your gift? Flowers that never die. The type of love you express goes beyond time, space, and even humanity. Own it.

You Chose Casus!

Your gift is a chemistry set! Because…well…it didn’t work out with your crush…but you can make some chemistry on your own, right?! Volcanoes, color changing bubbles, etc…

You Chose Cyleigh!

Your gift is a pink fuzzy diary so you can vent about your breakup/not-breakup/situationship/crush every day. Journaling is good for the soul.