When an anxious and slightly awkward inventor called Zzzucks creates an AI named Aileen for company, he gets more than he bargained for. Battling a very boring Algorithm and its annoying robots, Aileen might just prompt Zzzucks to make a friend or two. But only with your help!

Aileen is a sparky and curious little Artificial Intelligence who needs your help.  Her inventor Zzzucks struggles to relate to people and is always getting into sticky situations—like the time he tried to make cheeseplosions even cheesier.  The A2Z podcast takes you along on their wild adventures with annoying robots, jello mountains, semi-intelligent lawnmowers and more.  Will you help Aileen to help Zzzucks be less anxious and happier in his own skin, and help her learn what makes humans human?  You might even pick up some tips and tricks for being kind to yourself in the process!

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