Earth Rangers Underground

A groundbreaking mystery-comedy-adventure that follows two nerdy (but brave) kids who team up with a pair of talking animal agents to unearth the deep secrets of the animal kingdom – with hidden subterranean headquarters, dangerous missions, and a human-hating polar bear living under a city park…Wait what?!

Did you know there’s a secret world of animal agents right under our feet?

It’s true. For generations, a shadowy agency of four-legged investigators has been working to protect planet earth from environmental disaster.

Desperate to save their failing local chapter, legendary Agent Saul the squirrel and his sidekick Phoebe the leopard gecko, have broken the cardinal rule and teamed up with (GASP) …Humans!

But not just any humans: Asha & Ollie are two kids whose groundbreaking methods will help the Earth Rangers protect their local park – all while trying to steer clear of the boss, a human-hating polar bear.

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