Earth Rangers Underground

A groundbreaking mystery-comedy-adventure that follows two nerdy (but brave) kids who team up with a pair of talking animal agents to unearth the deep secrets of the animal kingdom – with hidden subterranean headquarters, dangerous missions, and a human-hating polar bear living under a city park…Wait what?!


Vince Commisso – Executive Producer
Karen Fowler – Executive Producer
Phil Moorhead – Supervising Producer
Mark Steinberg – Writer
Nelu Handa – Creative Consultant
Ben Joseph – Creative Consultant
Alyson Court – Co-Producer & Voice Director
Shannae Hoilett – Producer
Stephanie Leung – Producer
Lesley Saliwonchyk – Producer
Thomas O’Neil – Sound Engineer
Peter Vickers – Sound Designer
Lorenzo Castelli – Composer
Tovah Barocas – President, Earth Rangers
Stephan Richter – Creative Director, Earth Rangers