The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel – Season 2

Mars Patel is the Peabody Award-winning, scripted podcast for middle-grade kids that has thrilled families around the world.

Jaiya Chetram (Mars Patel)
Courtney Chu (DAISY)
Shane Epstein-Petrullo (AXEL) 
Rileigh McDonald (JULIA)
Natalie Mehl (CADDIE) 
Carter Minor (JONAS)
Mairead O’Neil (AURORA)
Michael Perilstein (OLIVER PRUITT) 
Wyatt Ralff (TOOTHPICK) 
Brandon Simms (ORION)
Kate Wolfson (JP)

Additional voices by Lipica Shah as Saira Patel, Ilana Ransom-Toeplitz
as the computer, and Charlie Pollock as Mr. Q.

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