Three teens discover a portal to Nightingale – a magical world of sentient beings and a mysterious past – in the sub-basement of their cancer ward. Can they save Nightingale from The Darkness before it breaks through the portal and infects our world?

Ben Shenkman

Dr. James Shepherd

Glory Curda

Dani Gwan

Gabriella Pizzolo

Sarah Thompson

Raphael Alejandro

Rocco Herrera

Ben Horner

Lawrence Faraby

Christian Barillas


Orlagh Cassidy

Liz Thompson

Zion Jang

Rich Gwan

Philip Anthony-Rodriguez

Jefrey Herrera

Jude B. Lanston

Andrew Thompson

Jennifer Roszell

Nurse Spector

Courtney Chu

Faith / The Darkness

Kathy Searle

Agent Moss

Colby Rummell

Agent Stone

Jamil Mangan


Jialing Pan

The Seer

Asher Edgecliffe-Johnson

Young Lawrence

Zachary Podair

Young James