The Rez

In a distant future that’s either really bad or really good (depending on whose side you’re on), two strange and unlikely champions embark on a series of adventures to stop a wicked A.I., and in the process must struggle to understand “old-fashioned” ideas like “kindness” and “just hanging out not doing much”.

The Rez – an adventure story about two strange friends and their adventures trying to stop a wicked A.I.

Things in the future are great… on the surface.  You can change what you look like whenever you want.  Purple skin, no problem.  Pointy ears, no problem.  Wings, or fins, or six-foot hair, you can have whatever you want… if you have the credits.  And JEF, the helpful computer code that runs the world and makes sure that you stay happy by buying Omni Burgers, crystal unicorns, DLC packs of new friends and whatever else you need to keep your sanity bar on max!

Preen and Sav have discovered that if you scratch the shiny service things are not quite right. They’ve found a phone that allows them to communicate with the kids of today and they’re telling them about crazy ideas like “kindness”, “actual real friends” and “hanging out not doing much”. Now they’ve decided to try and bring down JEF by helping people think and do things for themselves, but they find out that JEF will do anything to stop them!

“The Rez elicits powerful reflections on the value of kindness and on what it means to be resilient in contemporary society.”
– Robin Banerjee, Professor of Kindness”


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