Winnie Taylor’s 4th & Inches

As a young girl’s belief in her third-string quarterback father helps him to turn the tide of an NFL team’s losing season, it just might be a win for their family too.

13-year-old Winnie moves to Cleveland to live with her dad, Derek, a retired quarterback, whose promising career ended badly. When the Browns lose their first, second and third string QBs, Winnie reaches out to Derek’s old college coach, Fitz, now running the team in Cleveland.  She talks “Coach Fitz” into giving Derek another shot at starting for the team. And why not? The lousy Browns, who are currently 0-7, are playing to lose so they can get the #1 draft pick and bring in a new hotshot QB next season! But with Winnie’s help and support, Derek does something he never did as a starting QB: he starts finding ways to win. With the love of a father and daughter at its center, Winnie Taylor’s 4th and Inches bring a classic underdog sports story to the world of podcasts.

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