Winnie Taylor’s 4th & Inches

As a young girl’s belief in her third-string quarterback father helps him to turn the tide of an NFL team’s losing season, it just might be a win for their family too.

Ruth Righi

Winnie Taylor

Jeremie Harris

Derek Taylor

Tony Todd

Coach Fitz

Brayden Bratti


Te-Quan Jackson


Christopher Laing

Keith Vivian

Byron Newsome

Big Frank

Philip Anthony Rodriguez

Everett Dean

Zion Jang

TJ Jones

Dion Costelloe

Jackson McBride

Jourdan Battiste

Ryan Silver

Kimberly Hebert Gregory

Mrs. Fitz

Cassie Glow


Kathy Searle

Ms. M

Russ Salzberg

Rusty Russamano

Mike Shapiro

Security Mike

Kevin Connelly

Color Commentator

Ralph Bednarczyk

Play by Play Announcer